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If your are a group of people that would like to enjoy a full day out on your preferences and in your privacy then booking a Private Cruise is one of the best option to Explore Lefkada island!

Explore the hidden beauties in your privacy and comfort!


The price depends on the places that you would like to visit.

You may also book your wedding, baptism or other type of transfers with us.

Nikolaos is a well equipped local style boat and caters for people of all ages with an upper sun deck, comfortable main saloon and bar.

Make a reservation at our main office in Nidri or by calling: +30 2645092528


  • Location: Lefkada Island

  • Passengers: up to 150 people

  • Pick up/Drop off: Nidri Port or other accessible areas

  • Provides: Saloon, Bar, WC-Shower, Umbrellas, Equipment for Snorkeling, BBQ

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